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The International Office, CoM works round-the-clock to support  Alfaisal medical students through its various programs and services. Browse through the links below to learn more.


Career Development Programs

Our CDPs help you design your future - from research courses/workshops to medical residency guidance talks.


International Programs
Learn more about the available international  research internships and clinical experience programs offered by the Global Opportunities Department.

Scientist Using Microscope


Research Programs

Build your research experience by getting involved in research projects under mentors from KFSHRC. Coming Soon!


Funding Support Program

The International Office offers financial assistance to its students. Currently, senior students doing hands-on clinical rotations may benefit from this program.

Office Work

Institutional Subscriptions and Discounts

Benefit from the various institutional subscriptions and discounts on educational resources, insurances, and much more.


Senior Advices Forum

We envisioned a one-stop source for valuable advice, tips, and guides regarding residency training and licensing exams

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