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Alfaisal MedHub Podcasts

Alfaisal Medhub Podcasts aims to have a very holistic coverage of topics on its platform to support and enhance the growth of its listeners in their medical journey. Discussions will cover a wide range of areas under professional and personal development such as career guidance, residency highlights, work-life balance, self-sustenance, the importance of mental and physical health in the field, and much more. While knowledge and advice on academic excellence will be thoroughly addressed, podcasts will also shed some light on non-academic trivia such as dissection of medical dramas and books, addressing controversial ethical cases, and the importance of inculcating hobbies, among many others.

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Guest speakers include alumni, students, and faculty members from the college of medicine who walk listeners through the fascinating world of medical experience and knowledge, sprinkled with timeless anecdotes and personal stories. Each episode is seen as a step forward in the listener’s journey of personal development and the discussions are broad to cover a wide audience from all levels of medicine.

The podcasts are published on various platforms under the name of “Alfaisal MedHub” to facilitate their access by a limitless audience:

  1. Anchor

  2. IGTV

  3. Apple Podcasts

  4. Google Podcasts

  5. Spotify

  6. Pocket Casts

  7. Breaker

  8. RadioPublic

  9. Castbox


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