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SPIRIT 2023 Programs

The Global Opportunities Department offers over 30 seats in more than 10 institutions to choose from. We work hard round the clock to explore new collaborations and create research internship programs for our students. 

You can click on one of the listed programs below to learn more about each program. Once you have reviewed the Eligibility and Selection Criteria and shortlisted your programs, you can then head to the SPIRIT 2023 Program Application page to apply. Please note that the deadline to apply is Thursday, February 9th, at 11:59 pm (KSA).

Kindly note program fees, dates and duration, and required academic level. We try our best to make sure the information provided below helps you in choosing and ranking your programs, however, if you do require additional info, please feel free to get in touch with us through our designated email

Regarding Expected Living Costs Categories (ELCC):


 Category                     Living Expenses

                                 (including accommodation,

                                daily commute, meals etc.)


      A                           USD 5,000 - 6,000


      B                           USD 4,500 - 5,000


      C                           USD 3,800 - 4,500


      D                           USD 3,300 - 3,800


      E                           USD 2,100 - 2,600


*Estimated values are for 10 weeks of moderate living standards for one person. Actual costs may vary based on living and spending styles. Estimates are exclusive of air travel expenses since ticket prices vary heavily with airlines and booking schedules and periods.

Browse the available SPIRIT 2023 programs below:

Kindly note that you are NOT allowed to contact the programs listed below directly on your own under any circumstances. Violation of this rule will immediately lead to TERMINATION of your application. You will be disqualified and blacklisted, and your seat will be revoked. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.

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