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Residency Preparatory Course - United Kingdom

For many of our students that are interested in pursuing their residencies abroad, the UK is high up on their list of potential options. To help make this exploration process easier, the International Office, College of Medicine organized a Residency Preparatory Course with Alfaisal Alumnus Dr. Mohammed Sharique in which he shared his first-hand experience of how he secured a medical post graduate trainee position in the UK. The topics were discussed in chronological order, starting with medical school all the way up to accepting job offers.

Dr. Sharique started off with tips on approaching the different exams that students will be expected to complete before their residency years. Most importantly, he highlighted the contents, score required, and useful resources for the Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB) examinations. He also shared with the students some valuable hints and tips that would help with acing these exams and used question and scenario examples to further elaborate on how to put these skills to use. He also went over other things students can do during their medical school years such as extracurriculars and volunteering positions that are appreciated and accepted by universities in the UK.

Next came the things to do during the internship and the value of this 12-month program in the point-based assessment that all immigrants to the UK must undergo. Two other crucial matters discussed were how and when to complete the Electronic Portfolio of International Credentials in which future doctors can build a digital career portfolio of their accomplishments. The second was how to undergo the official registration with the General Medical Council.

Dr. Sharique went on to talk about the importance of making your job profile and using that to search and apply for jobs. He guided the students on how to choose the position they want to apply for and presented them with some job description and person specification examples.

Moreover, our speaker went over how to perform well in the interview portion of the application process, and how to accept, reject, or delay a job offer when the time comes. How to apply for a work visa after you have accepted a job offer was also explained.

Finally, our speaker was kind enough to go over the current situation in the UK to help students make an informed decision on whether or not this step is right for them. He mentioned Brexit, the current job situation, and the general pros and cons of moving there.

Certificates were provided upon course completion and the response received was overwhelming with positive feedback from Alfaisal and other university students. Similar events will be held for the United States and Canada in hopes to ensure that our students have the proper help and guidance to become the leading doctors of tomorrow.

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